DPP250K High Speed Plate Style Al Plastics Blister Packaging Mac

DPP250K High Speed Plate Style Al Plastics Blister Packaging Mac

Capability and Characteristic:
1?Each part adopts servo motor driving, ensuring the synchrony.
2?With heating board temperature control detection, main motor overload protection, PVC and PTP packaging material detection, detection control for hopper and failure automatic stop.
3?Innovative and safe appearance design is viewable well. No need to move the box when replace the moulds, adjust the drawing length and synchronous adjustment.
4?Finished products output in order and waster reclaim, which is better for linking the next packaging procedure, with waste cutting mechanism to collect waste easily.
5?With dedicated feeder, high efficiency and reliable, which is suitable for different blisters and abnormal products feeding.
6?Adopt PLC control, touchscreen operation, words and numeric display, words indication of failure diagnosis.
?Main Function:
PVC blister forming? automatic material filling,?PTP Al foil pressing and hot-sealing?printing batch number?pressing slitting  line?cutting medicine card.
?Applicable Object:
Al-plastics blister packaging for solid articles such as pills, capsules etc, in medical industry, chemical industry, light industry and food industry.
?Packaging material:
Nontoxic PVC hard pieces: ?0.25?0.3?×250 mm
PTP Al foil:?0.05?0.17?×250 mm
Dialyzing paper:?50?100g/m2?×250 mm
?Usaging Requirements:
Clean compressed air : Pressure0.6?0.8 Mpa
Air consumption:(Air compressor)≥0.5m3/min
Power consumption: 380V  50Hz  11 Kw
Cooling water of moulds: tap water or recycling water, consumption60?100L/h
?Overall Dimensions:
(L×W×H)4800×1100×1700 mm
?Main Technical Parameters:
Max forming area and depth
240×230×15 mm
Piston stroke
40?240 mm

Product Origin: China
Model Number: DPP250K
Brand Name: SUNRY

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