WSGL60 Intelligent Hotrizontal Pill Filling Machine

WSGL60 Intelligent Hotrizontal Pill Filling Machine

Capability and Characteristic:
1?Innovative module integral type design, easy to operate. Adjusted well before leaving factory.
2?With advanced self-detecting function, can identify automatically when no bottle, no pill and no cap etc and make memory to realize 100% waste rejecting.
3?Auto-stop and give alarm when any block or failure happened, and display failure cause and position.
4?With imaging and scan double detecting system, which reject the waste and collect it automatically.
5?Detect when no bottle, no filling and no cap etc, auto-reject the empty bottle and collect.
6?With no bottle and no cap online detect, auto-alarm and display failure cause and position.
7?Auto-stop and alarm when 3 times continuous no-bottle or no-cap, check bottle giving mechanism whether any block happened, obviated it manually if blocked.
8?There are Emergency-stop button, Adjusting mode, Auto mode and Parameter adjusting mode etc.
9?Adopt servo driving, disk type transmission, with high precision and stable running.
10?Adopt transparent closed type operation, which is easy for operator to observe the total production process.
11?Finish bottle arranging and giving, pill counting, filling, lid giving and capping, detecting, transporting and waste rejecting etc.
12?Adopt vibration bottle giving turn-around mechanism, making the plastic bottle (vial) turn-around, orientation and convey, which is suitable for all kinds of round bottles and abnormal bottles.
?Main Function:
?Applicable Object:
Small container (such as small round bottle, abnormal plastic bottle etc) pill quantitative filling (Chinese traditional medicine), also fit for special packaging for grocery, health products and chemicals etc.
?Packaging material:
?Usaging Requirements:
Main motor power?0.75KW
Total power?1.5KW
Compressed air pressure?system pressure??≥0.7Mpa
Compressed air consumption ?m3/min??0.5
?Overall Dimensions:
?Main Technical Parameters:
80~100 bottles/min?related with filling level and pill physical property?
Bottle Spec.?mm?
Pill diameter range?mm?
Pill counting range
10~200 pills
Pill counting tolerance
≤±1%?pill diameter tolerance±0.15mm?

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