Multifunctional Tray Packaging Automatic Production Line

Multifunctional Tray Packaging Automatic Production Line

Capability and Characteristic:
1?Mechanic transmission ensures each part of the production line running synchronously, coder controls each action exactly and in order.
2?Installed with on-line camera detecting and rejecting system, which ensure product quality. With auto-protect systems such as overload protection, alarm, failure diagnose and word display etc.
3?Intelligent production for many different kinds of products in the range. Only need to change few parts and simple adjustment when changed the product specifications, which is very fast and convenient.
4?Unique feeding mode can finish automatically vial and ampoule feeding into the cavities, and can link with the former labeling machine on-line.
5?Innovative and transparent security casters to enhance general view and security of the machine.
?Main Function:
PVC tray forming, automatic material entry into tray, detection of material entry into tray, tray cutting and forming; automatic tray and manual leaflet carton packaging, automatic waster eliminating.
?Applicable Object:
Injection, ampoules, various medicine bottles of peculiar forms and solid articles of medical apparatus industry, electronic industry,  chemical industry and food industry.
?Packaging material:
Pharmaceutical PVC hard pieces:(0.20?0.40)×250 mm
PTP Al foil:(0.05~0.17)×250 mm
Dialyzing paper :(50~100g/m2)×250 mm
Scroll Aperture ×Width: Φ350×250 mm
Paper carton size:?L×W×H?
Material: 250~350 g/m2
Manual leaflet size: ?L×W?
Material: 50~70 g/m2
?Usaging Requirements:
Clean compressed air: Pressure 0.8~1.0 Mpa;
Air consumption (Air compressor) ≥1.5m3/min
Power consumption: 380V  50 Hz  9Kw (related with packaging article)
Cooling water of moulds: Max 100L/h
Vacuum source: Compressed air Pressure 0.8~1.0 Mpa;
degree of vacuum-0.09 Mpa
?Overall Dimensions:
?L×W×H?5200×1100×1800 mm????
?Main Technical Parameters:
100~600 bottles/min 35~80 cartons/min (related with material and tray size)
Max blister depth
25 mm
Piston stroke
40?120 mm
Tray entry rate of medicine bottle
Finished product rate
Eliminating rate of waster
Working noise

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